Our admission criteria

Cornerstone Learning Centre will consider the following pupils for enrolment at the school:

  • Children on the Autistic Spectrum who have shown the ability to learn, but who are not able to adjust to a mainstream school environment.

  • Children with significant developmental delays, having moderate learning difficulties, provided that one or more of the teachers, therapists and the principal have unanimously accepted that the school will be able to assist the child, and provide the best learning environment for him/her.

In addition

  • The child should be able to or have the potential to function within a group setting

  • A probationary period of up to 6 months will be applied. A review will be held to consider the child’s needs and the ability of the school to meet these needs, and the level of resources required for the child.

  • Pupils are not admitted on a first come first serve basis, but only when a suitable vacancy occurs within a compatible group.

  • Final admission will be at the sole discretion of the Principal.


Learners who are not suitable

Based on a multidisciplinary team assessment and discussion, learners who are unable to benefit from tuition in a group and who will not derive benefit from the school programme, will not be admitted to the school. This automatically excludes learners who are profoundly mentally handicapped and who have no self-help skills and are completely dependent upon others to care for them, even though they might be autistic or have autistic traits.

Learner Enquiry Form

Having read the admissions criteria above, if you feel your child is a good fit for Cornerstone Learning Centre and would like to enquire about applying to our school, please fill in the form below. You can also contact us directly to find out more information about the formal application process.

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