Our Upgraded Activity Room

The OT Project has also upgraded the services which we are able to offer our pupils. After consultation with Olivia Luke, our Occupational Therapist, we designed and planned this room with the needs of our pupils in mind. NOMADS stepped in and sponsored the equipment, and it was so exciting setting up this space.

How we’ll use our Activity Room

We have been able to use our Activity Room for this, and we will still be able to use the room for:

  • Music

  • Cooking

  • LEGO

  • Chapel service

  • Training courses and

  • Concerts, etc.

Thank you Southern Natal Nomads for ALL that you have done for our school!

Anticipation and Unpacking

We waited and waited and waited, and then our order arrived! What excitement, unpacking then setting up all the equipment. Quite a challenge getting all the right shackles and carabiners and hooks all in the right places - but it all works so beautifully with minimum effort required to set up and pack away. Monkey swing and aeroplane swing, a double layer spandex cocoon, 4 layer 4 point cloud, 3 layer hammock, a squasher barrel, a wooden ramp for our scooter board, 2 enormous flop mats, and our prized possession - a wonderful Squeeze Machine! 

If this all sounds bit obscure, we will post photos to show you when they are in use. We still have to install our grips for the climbing wall - more pics to follow soon. Beautiful solid SA pine wooden cupboards to store all our OT equipment made by Willie Kloppers - a magnificent job Willie, thank you.