Sensory Room Upgrade

Our Sensory Room is now the most magical, calming space where our pupils can retreat to regulate their sensory system. To walk into this room is like floating into a calm haven which is safe, predictable, and soothing to all the senses. The effect is felt by all who spend time there, and the benefits for our pupils is enormous.

Thanks to Southern Natal Nomads

Southern Natal Nomads, you are amazing! Thank you for exceeding all expectations, for making dreams come true for us. The Southern Natal Nomads have been very busy throughout last year, raising funds to support various projects at our school. Besides the expanding gate on the preschool sliding door, and the prefab awnings which we have previously shared, as well as gardening help, they have completed two really exciting projects for us. The Sensory Room upgrade. And the Occupational Therapy Project. Here’s some of what we have now added to our Sensory Room:

  • The addition of Fibre Optic Light Strands threaded through a Curved Corner Fibre Optic Comb,

  • a 40cm Glow Sensory LED Cube,

  • an A2 Light panel,

  • a Lazer Sky projector,

  • a Space Projector,

  • a CD Player with Snoezelen Room Music CD,

  • a “collar” / bracket to keep our bubble tube from being knocked over,

  • and an Essential Oil Light Colour Changing Diffuser has resulted in a perfectly balanced sensory space.

Special thanks to Lisa from Inclusive Solutions for her advice in choosing the right equipment. Our children are using this room to capacity! We love to see how they seek out the items which benefit them most.